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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  November 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:35pm PST

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proposition twichlt another proposition to talk by. voters also rejected proposition 19 in. it would have legalized recreation marijuana use state wide. >> it is drawn worldwide attention but failed to get the majority needed to pass. it led in just 7 of the states 58 koychbilitys all of them in northern california. here are the numbers as you can see on the screen. >> yes. no 55 percent to just 45 percent saying yes on this one. also a lot of attention on proposition 23. this would have effectively frozen california green house gas emission law. >> governor schwarzenegger staunch opponent to prop 23. 25 precinct reporting. 23 with 52 percent of the vote. >> thoses are the headlines from the election right now. you can find many more result on the bottom of the screen and at 7 >> election coverage continues >> election coverage continues here when 7 news
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>> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. so, thank you, everyone who has helped in this campaign. a lot of people labored as volunteers. a lot of people put forth a marvelous effort. i have to thank the most important person of all, my
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wife anne who really ran the whole show and kept me on track. even -- i don't need a plan when i have such a good planner by my side all the time. you know, i did this 36 years ago and i tried during the campaign never to mention the word "experience" or tell too many old stories. after awhile people are looking for something new. but i'm a little something old. that's why i wanted to be here at the home of the oakland school of the arts because this is something that was built in 1929 and it was dark for 30 years, and now through the work and the contributions of a lot of people, it is one of the most magnificent movie palaces in the country. take a look at that ceiling and all of the craft that went into it.
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i wanted to stand in front of the oakland military institute cadets. this is the 10th year of the school. they started with a lot of struggle. it wasn't easy. it wasn't trouble free and we made mistakes. this june the graduates of the oakland military school, one out of four were accepted to the university of california. that's a heck of a record. [applause] and then of course behind them are the really tremendous creative force, the kids from the oakland school for the arts. i wanted the military to represent my sense of honor and duty and leadership and comradery, and i wanted the art school to exemplify creativity and imagination. all that is what california needs over the next four years. [applause].
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i want everyone here tonight to know this is why i am doing it. i built these schools, and i want to build for the future. that's what it is all about, the kids in school. not just these two schools, but every single public school in california. we want to make sure they have what they need to create greatness. [applause]. every kid has so much potential, and we need to make sure our society keeps that in the forefront of what ever we do. will this help the next generation? that's my watch word. we haven't got all the votes in, but it was good enough for government work. so looks like i'm going back again. as you know, i have the know how and the expense and all those other things i said.
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this time, of course, we have a first lady which we didn't have last time. i think that's going to be the real difference. [applause]. now look, i like the symbolism of the place in here because there were actually people camped in here and burning the ceiling and cooking their meals and now it is transformed into a beautiful venue for music. it is for the school, and the school is upstairs. i want people in california to know we might and we will have times that will be tough. how long they will last? a year? maybe longer. if we all pull together and we operate with honesty and if i tell you what i understand i level with you and we include everybody and it is transparent, here is the key point -- we want to be fair.
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in our society if we will hold together and meet the challengeds we have to we need a larger sense of agreement. the only way we can get to where we are is the polarization to swrition hoss pill tee and even the and 90% of the democrats voted for me. now, how do we get -- the independents made a big margin in the middle. and there are more democrats than republicans. having said all that, these are real divisions, and they are divisions tonight in california. they will be divisions in the state capital and divisions in washington. i take as my challenge a forging, a common purpose, but a purpose based not just on compromise, but on a vision of what california can be. i see a california once again leading in renewable energy and public education.
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[applause]. and along -- and an openness to every kind of person no matter what their color is. we are all god's children. while i am really into this politics thing, i still carry with me my sense of kind of that missionary zeal to transform the world. that's always been a part of what i do. i understand the political part, but i also understand what it is all about. i'm hoping and i'm praying that this break down that's gone on for so many years in the state capital and we are watching it in washington, that the break down paves the way for a breakthrough. and that's the spirit i want to take back to sacramento, 28 years later full of creativity and ready to serve you the people of california. thank you very much. thank you for helping getting us here.
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thank you. thank you very much! [applause]. thank you. ♪ >> he talked about the magnificence of the theater that was renovated during his tenure as the mayor of oakland. quite often at these election events, look at the ceiling because ordinarily you would see a bufn of balloons up there -- a bunch of balloons up there. there are no balloons waiting to drop on to this crowd. but then again, we knew jerry brown was true gal. -- frugal. the celebration is without balloons, but with plenty of news. yeah. reporting live from the fox theater, mark matthews, abc7
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news. >> thank you, mark. we did see confetti falling. >> but balloons cost money. and now to the opposite side of the race. vic lee is with the whitman campaign. we have been waiting for some time to hear meg whitman come out. >> this party is obviously not over. what they did was blocked jerry brown's face from these jumbo tv screens, so nobody here saw him. nobody heard him. and no one in the whitman organization is conceding this race to jerry brown. despite the projections and despite his accentance speech her handlers are telling us they simply can't get any realistic vote counts because the secretary of state's computers, the website was crashing all nightlong. but former governor pete wilson gave new hope to the people in this room when he appeared at the stage. take a lis listen.
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>> right now, -- >> i can only tell you that we can do better than this, and will. so be patient, be pay -- patient. another long night i expect to end in victory. thank you. >> so that was about 10:30, maybe 10:45 tonight. wilson told the crowd here that at that time only 31% of the vote had been counted and that brown was leading by only about 100,000 votes. whitman said that was not enough. we are told meg whitman is in her suite here at the hilton, and she is obviously watching the results. she wants more results before she comes here to address the crowd. so it looks lining a very long night. it looks like a fight to the finish. back to you in san francisco. >> thanks, vic.
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she is up in her hotel suitement. >> the associated press declared barbara boxer the winner in the u.s. senate race. this is the first time she faced serious opposition in her intent to keep her senate seat. >> and the race against former hp, ceo has been contentious, to say the least. her win means the u.s. senate will stay under democratic control. here are the numbers, 48% of the vote going for barbara boxer, the declared projected winner in this race. >> laura anthony is in l.a. where the boxer campaign is watching the returns. >> that's right. and within the past couple minutes we got the high sign from the boxer campaign. the senator is about to come out here any moment. but she has been up in a hotel suite here at the hotel we believe in hollywood watching the returns with her family, with her husband and her two grown children and her grandchildren. we were told by somebody close to the campaign that what has
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been happening here is they have been waiting for carly fiorina to concede. that hasn't been happening. i think at the moment barbara boxer is about to come out. let's teak a look. in any case, what's been happening behind the scenes, barbara boxer wanted to come out sooner, maybe during the 10:00 hour. apparently they were waiting for carly fiorina to concede. that is not happening. they made a decision, the boxer camp to wait until now. and obviously wait until after jerry brown made his remarks. again, we have been told here by the campaign that the senator is about to come out at any moment. right now we are looking at a video of the president. one thing unique about this campaign unlike many across the country is that barbara boxer was never reluctant to stand side by side, if you
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will, with the president when some of the other candidates stepped aside or tried to step away from the president. again we are expecting her to come out any moment here in the hollywood renaissance hotel. this crowd has been excited, but rather subdued throughout the evening. they have been waiting for a clear sign that this race is well on its way. sounds like we are about to have an introduction. [inaudible]
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>> to introduce senator boxer's partner in washington, d.c., a wonderful woman you have already heard from tonight. just want to let you know how important senator feinstein is to senator boxer. she has answered every call every time to help get senator boxer re-elected. so please once again put your hands together loudly, strongly senator dianne feinstein. [applause]. >> all right. are you ready? [applause]
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>> we will come back to the podium at the boxer campaign where senator dianne feinstein is speaking. now we want to switch you to another part of los angeles. >> you can see carly fiorina who has taken the podium in irvine. >> and we have a new majority leader, john banor. we have had a fantastic sweep across the nation. many senate seats have already fallen, and as you all well know we have a new majority leader john baynor just a wonderful, wonderful night. yes, exactly. the message has been sent loud and clear. now here in california -- you know, california is always a little bit different, right? so here in california here is where we are -- 36% of the
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vote has been counted, 36%. we are in a dead heat tie. [applause]. and so the facts are, it is too close to call. the facts are it is going to be a long night, and we will be watching returns all night, but all those people who have already declared this race, maybe that was not a smart thing to do. [applause]. >> on primary night i promised that i would run a tireless, fearless campaign. and i want to tell all of you that you have run a tireless, fearless campaign as well.
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i want to thank the tens of thousands of volunteers who have given of their time, of their money and particularly all of you out there would made phone calls, who knocked on doors, who left literature. you know what, with 36% of the vote in and this race in a dead heat, guess what. every call you made mattered. [applause]. every call you made mattered. every door you knocked on mattered. every friend, every colleague, every worker you said, hey, you have to get out there and vote, vote for your future. vote for carly fiorina. every one of those mattered. thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that. you guys are the best.
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and frank and i love you too, absolutely. so this is going to be a long night. we are going to go up and look at data. >> carly fiorina is not yet ready to concede. she says it is going to be a very long night. >> and we will see what barbara boxer has to say. her opponent in this race, the incumbent who is just taking the podium. let's listen to her speaking from hollywood. >> thank you, senator feinstein for being my friend, my supporter, my legislative partner and the chairman of my campaign. let's hear it for diane. [applause]. i think the best thing i can say now is feinstein 2012.
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[applause]. so, hours ago we recalled the winner from every station, every publication, and we are going to win this race. [applause]. we just pulled out to a several point lead, and that's before l.a. is in. that's before alameda county is in. so i am thrilled. i want you to listen up.
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i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this victory. after the toughest and roughest campaign of my life, this is my 11th straight election victory. [applause]. and what a sweet one it is. [applause]. and from the time i was elected to that first office way back, you have to listen up. i only had one reason -- one reason i went into politics, and that was to make life better for the people i represent. that's who i am. that's all i am about. there is no other agenda but to make life better for you and the people of california.
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now listen, listen, listen. everything was thrown at us. including the kitchen sink. and the stove and the oven and everything. millions of dollars of negative ads from known and unknown opponents, millions and millions of dollars, but because of the people of california we matched those secret, undisclosed dollars from the special interest dollar by dollar by dollar because if tens of thousands of small donors and i say to you 145,000 donors, we matched those special interests. we moved those special interests. [applause] when the people of
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california step up and fight for their rights and their jobs and their freedoms we will beat any money from special interest that come in our state. there were so many out of state special interests. i was so excited when the san francisco giants beat the texas rangers. >> [applause]. and guess what. i knew that would get you excited, but i didn't know -- here is the deal. the giants beat the texas rangers and we beat the texas polluters tonight. now this campaign was never
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about me. although i never saw so many horrible pictures of me. honestly, where did they find those photos? i kept saying to my grandkids, don't watch television. my worry was they would say, that's not grandma. but then they would say, but what if it is? it was very frightening. every time i thought our voice would be drowned out you came forward with $5, $10, $20 and $40 and $50. just an extraordinary campaign. i have never seen anything quite like it. i have had some tough ones before. you came to me, to us, to this campaign from all over our great state. young, i have seen you out
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there tonight. old, i have seen some of you out there tonight. middle aged, i have seen a lot of you out there tonight. men and women and gay and straight and african-americans and whites and law steep -- latinos and asians and pacific islanders, all of us together, we are california. that's what our state is about. that's what we did tonight. and listen, i want to give special thanks to veterans for boxer who stood with me and was proud of what i
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accomplished for our brave men and women who put everything on the line, and we need to bring them back for more. it is time. we need to rebuild america. and tonight we all came together, and we have a new governor, jerry brown. [applause]! >> jerry! jerry! jerry! jerry! jerry! jerry! >> it's okay. i'm not jealous. i love jerry brown. i wanted him to win so badly. listen, i want to thank my beautiful family.
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my beautiful family, they are here behind me tonight, and they are behind me every single day in the darkest moments of this campaign and the brightest moments of this campaign, and i want to thank the most incredible campaign manager known to human kind. where is she? where is rose? rose, i ask you to come up on this stage. she is never, ever -- she won't come up on this stage. rose! rose! rose! rose! rose! rose! >> okay, never mind. she's counting the votes and she refuses to come out.
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she is the greatest. i can never get her to be out front. she lead me, the mysterious rose, through four winning campaigns, four. well, our victory tonight belongs to the people of california, democrats, republicans -- >> carly fiorina not willing to concede defeat, but barbara boxer certainly claiming victory tonight. we have seen republicans gain more than 50 seats in the house. that was certainly more than enough to take control there. >> it was an enormous night for republicans of one tight race was for the 11th
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district. mcnair knee is trying to hold on to his seat against david harmer. harmer has the tea party support. as you can see, harmer has 49% of the vote. the incumbent is 46%. >> he talked about the race tonight in stockton. >> this election is fundamentally about two things. the first is people want to stop with spending. they see an explosion of federal spending in washington, and they are concerned about it. they understand that there is no free money. we are piling debt on to our kids. >> if harmer wins, he would be the only run representative in the bay area. >> across the nation voters sent a message they are ready for a change in congress. the gop is back in the control of the house of representatives, and that means nancy pelosi is out as speaker of the house. >> and john baneer is the new incoming speaker. he says president obama called him to con -- congratulate him. >> he got choked up while
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giving his speech tonight. >> frankly this is not a time for celebration. not when one out of 10 of our fellow citizens is out of work. not when we have buried our children under a mountain of debt, and not when our congress is held in such low esteem. i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. [applause]. usa! usa! usa! usa! >> tonight i started out waiting tables at my dad's tavern. i put myself through school,
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working every rotten job there was. and every night shift i could find. i poured my heart and soul into running a small business. [applause] and when i saw howie motional -- how emotion al i could become for the core values of the nation, i put my name forward and ran for office. >> today's election ends pelosi's rein. she told a crowd that be we are not going back to the failed policies of the past and will continue to fight for the middle class. >> the senate will remain under democratic control. the most closely watched race was in nevada. >> harry reid fended off sharon angle in a very tight race there. >> but there was other notable republican gains in the
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senate. in indiana, dan coates won. >> in ohio rob portman has won that state's open senate seat. >> and republican candidates kelly aot won in new hampshire and marco rubio the senate race in florida. tea party hopeful christine o'donnell lost in delaware. president obama called reporters to the white house to discuss the mid-term election results. >> we will carry the president's address live here on abc7 tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> and the president will no doubt give tonight's event a positive interpretation in the morning. but this is certainly a very rough night for the democrats. >> it sure is. we are hearing this was really the biggest mid-term loss since 1938. political analyst bruce cane is here to break down what is going on. >> in california we should keep an eye on some other congressional races. it is not just the mcnerney
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seat. it is the central valley and orange county. if this wave is as large as we are seeing across the country, it might sweep these two seats as well. it is possible there would be a reduction of three in the democratic caucus here in california. >> just take a look. i heard an analyst on tv use a line that two years ago it was a question of whether it would be the obama moment x or an obama momentum going forward. in some respects this was the moment tonight. >> and i frankly think that is all we will have for quite awhile. i think people are misreading these mandates. i think bush miss read his mandate in 2004 and went ahead with the social security privatization. i think obama saw his mandate he could bring in progressive policies. i think at this point you have a country poised evenly between democrats and republicans and then you have a swing vote.
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the seats that the republicans won, they could be lost in 2012. >> which is largely the result of the independents. >> and they could swing again. that's the state we are in. the basis of the two parties are so even that events like a war or bad economy or policies not popular could easily swing it back again. >> let's talk california. a huge night for jerry brown. we have been talking about the big benefit he got from voters on the proposition that allows for a simple majority to pass a budget. that's a huge change. >> it changes trough men -- tremendously. we really got use to stalemate during the summer between the democrats and republicans. now all of the bargaining will be in the democratic party. that will change the dynamics. he will be fighting with the base of his party more because they will have better leverage than they had under the other system. we will see a di


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